Cubase EZdrummer (help!)

Hi, wondering if someone can advise me what me best course of action is please.

I have recently made my Daw dual boot, original WinXP 32bit with EZdrummer 1. The other newer boot in Win10 64bit with EZDrummer 2 (only available for Win7 onwards.)

Both run Cubase 5, and 32/64bit respectively.

I have lots of old projects on my win XP and like to play about with them.

So here’s my problem.

When I use the Win10 and open up a project that has been done on XP/EZdrummer1, my EZ2 isn’t automatically loading up. Instead, I have to go into VSTi’s, select EZ2, and I then loose all my plugs/settings for the channels associated with EZ’s outputs. So it’s basically start mixing drums from scratch again.

Can anyone think of anything that I could do to stop this happening?

While writing this i’ve just had a thought, maybe if I locked the channels they wouldn’t disappear? Or maybe I could try installing EZDrummer1 on the Win10 system.

One suggestion…
Try doing a mixdown of the drum track and import that .wav into the project. Hopefully you completed your EZD1 editing beforehand.

Also… interesting discussion here about moving EZD stuff from one version to another. I’m not familiar with this but, hopefully you can use the suggestions or search for something else in the toontrack forum.

Regards. :sunglasses:

Sure - they are two different programs.

Obviously that would be the solution.

Thanks for replying.

Although EZD1 and 2 are different progs, when you install 2 it overwrites 1, but uses the samples from 1 to run in 2, if that makes sense?

They share the same *.dll name for VSTi, and it should open EZ2 automatically but i’m Getting a major error message.

EZ2 won’t install on XP (too old) although you can alter the progs MSI file to get it to run.

You are right about the overwriting (I forgot about that). Make sure CB and the EZD2 stand alone are set to run as administrator. I seem to remember issues when they both were not set as run as admin and even though I never use the EZD2 stand alone program I had to set it.

Regards. :sunglasses:

Ah, thanks. Will give it a try.

Found my issue i think.

On my old system (EZ1) i had the pop/rock EZX installed and used it on most tracks. This isn’t installed on my EZ2.

All the programming is safe as a midi file, so all is not lost, and can spend £50 and get the expansion if i really want it.