Cubase FaderPort Classic Native Driver

For those who want to use the FaderPort Classic with Cubase 10 (also works in 9.5) this is procedure I followed. This works on the Mac 10.13 and 10.14. There is also a driver for Windows.

Go to this page, on the bottom there is at the bottom but look for a link on the page for "Show/Hide all versions of Software Downloads for your OS. Then click on that link. Then scroll down and you will see

FaderPort Control Installer

Download that and run it. It will come up with a box for what DAW drivers you want to install. Make sure Cubase is checked. This was only made available in July 2018. I think you need Cubase 9.5 and above. I also tried this on the new FaderPort 2018 and it did NOT work. It is only for the FaderPort Classic.

Hope this helps.

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Thanks for the info.

A big thank you for this!

I have installed and uninstalled the Universal Control prog with nothing making any difference. Did not think to expand the text further down as it was not obvious at all until I read this.

Now working fine in both Cubase and Logic.

Thanks. Glad to help. I stumbled on it and thought we all could benefit. This driver was useless with their new Faderport. I should buy another Faderport Classic before they discontinue it.

Hey thanks for the info.
Do you also have the problem that the Faderport is disappearing every now and then from the connected devices setup?
I have to readd the Faderport to make it working again.

Thanks so much #garymusic!!! Was just about to give up on the FadePort Classic after updating for Cubase 6.5 to 9.5 (OSX 10.14).
To many functions get lost in HUI mode.

HUGE thank you!!! If you’re ever in Vegas, I owe you drinks! Hours of online research and this is the only solution that worked. Big thanks again.

Hey guys! I’m willing to buy one of these, but I’d like to be sure it work as expected.

If I select a track in Cubase with a mouse, will the Faderport update the fader position for the selected channel?

I’m asking this, because other controllers (when working in Mackie mode) won’t work this way. Controllers will respond but only if you on the first back of tracks, when you select a track further (say track 9), you have to manually change the bank on the controller, which is not very useful.

I’m on Cubase 10 with Win 10.