Cubase Feature Request #001

Sorry if it’s wrong thread. Tell me, i’ll move to the right.

I want to present new drum-map feature - “colored lines”. I found that it hard to find the right line with eyes of the note you need.


Why are you posting here if you run C5? Really can’t figure out on your own it’s the wrong forum? Besides, C5’s cycle is long over, don’t know what you hope to accomplish.

“Legacy Steinberg Cubase” - where it say that thred only for C6?
There is not such feature in Cubase 6 too, is it?

Like I said, C5’s update cycle is LONG over so hoping for a fix there is moot. C6 is the current flavor so there or the Lounge is the place for your post.

Oh, i see, thnx, asked moderator to move topic.