Cubase Feature Request (Acid Pro type workflow)

I have been asking for this since Cubase SX 3. Can a feature like Acid Pro be added as an “OPTION”? The paint tool & the browser.

MediaBay: When a file is double clicked in browser (Media bay), as a file gets added on to a new track, it only gets added as a single region and drops where the curser is. If I am working 5 minutes into the track, I would have to go back and find it, drag another copy of it to where I need it. Thats counter-productive. In Acid Pro, no matter where you are, you just paint the same region quick and move on. Instead of having to press Duplicate, you just continue painting the loop no matter where you are in the arrangement. Those who had to drop AP due to Sony/Magix ruining it, would understand this frustration.

SoundBrowser/MediaBay: (For single monitor users) Can it be dockable at the bottom just like everything else? Like mixconsole, sampler, all those can be docked at the bottom. This way, no more having to press a command key and having it open in a second window obstructing the arrangement. Having it docked to the far right does not help as the window can only expanded so much.

If developers do not understand these requests, please open up an instance of Acid Pro and start painting away loops/sounds and see how fast your workflow becomes especially if you are sound designer or a remixer.

Thank you.

I still keep ACID Pro installed for precisely this reason … I have tried to duplicate this in Cubase with the Sampler Track but I don’t think it could be done without completely reimagining the Project Window.

In ACID, it’s basically a track per loop, but I could imagine a further development of the Sampler Track that might allow ACID-style “drawing” of sounds, as an alternative to the current MIDI-style paradigm.