Cubase Feature request: Arranger track enhancement to change vst instruments

A humble request to enhance the arranger track in such a way that, while moving from one section to another in arranger track, the choice vst instrument changes automatically.
Example: During the the intro in the arranger track section, i need my Alicia Keys piano to be enabled, when moved to lead, it automatically switch to a Retrologue patch.
In that way, while the arranger track is running, we dont need to need to run behind multiple tracks to activate the required vst instrument tone needed for that section and the same chord/tempo/quantize tracks can be reused/utilised.

Currently Studio One 5.2/5.3 got this feature and its kinda temptingly kickass (They call it as SHOW page or setlist/performance page).

Cubase is a very versatile tool for the studio works, but getting this feature in Cubase helps a lot in carrying the same cubase in my laptop for the live performances as well instead of using a third party.
Cheers to the developers… :+1: