Cubase Fonts on Windows PC

Recently I upgraded to Cubase 10.5 Pro , bought a new DELL PC with Windows 10. Installed everything and working fine. My question is I installed Cubase on Mac & Windows. The Menu text on the Mac is clear and bold, while on Windows it is smaller and light, giving more strain to my eyes. I tried to do all sorts of tweaks in Windows, but the Cubase Menu texts seems to be the same small size.

Please have a look at the files attached. For the same menus, Mac texts look much clear and readable, compared to Windows. No matter what you do, the menu text remains same on Cubase in Windows.

Is there a way to make the menu text bigger & clear in Cubase on Windows PC??

Mac 2.png

These are the system fonts. Windows just doesn’t look as good as MacOS

Agreed, but still is there a way to change these default fonts. I changed the windows default font, but still the Cubase fonts does not change and Steinberg support is also not replying to my emails.

I expect they are at home relaxing with their families!