Cubase for Amiga

Nuff said.

Lets see some +1s, folks.


+1 and I’ll raise you to +5 :laughing:

Would love to do Cubase on my Amiga 500, Bars & Pipes Pro needs a companion


Bars & Pipes Professional, 4ever.

My Amigo has Cubase

I ran Pro24 for Amiga for years … great program!

+1s, folks

I was a beta tester, as a young lad, for Bar & Pipes Pro / Blue Ribbon Soundworks.

I also developed (at request of the company), using their “SDK,” a sysex driver for several keyboards.

This was a time where you’d call the company, a person would answer “hello?” and it would be the lead developer. Lol.

Simpler times.

The real-time MIDI pipeline was waaay ahead of its time. I realize Cubase’s MIDI inserts are this, but can’t help notice the 4 insert limitation didn’t exist in this ancient sequencer!

What is it with Cubase and arbitrary slot count limits!

4 slots here, 6 slots there, 2 slots in another place. :imp:

Yes, I remember calling them once and actually talked to Todar Fey. :sunglasses:

Like you say, Simpler times

I never forgave Microsoft when they bought out Blue Ribbon Bakery and less than a year later they shut the company down :imp:

Microsoft makes a habit of buying companies and then shutting them down because those products are better than their own. :imp: Anyone use/remember Lookout? (indexer for outlook).

Oh my gosh, Todar Fay! Yes! (I think the spelling was “Fay,” but am not positive.)

His name had escaped me. Thank you for that.

[Todar, if a Googling ever finds you here one day, it’s “Jim Park” from Minneapolis. Hope all is well! Cheers]

Yeah, that buyout was unforgivable and made no sense. It certainly didn’t end up being a defensive purchase against a competing product.

How horrid a Microsoft version of a DAW would be, anyway. :laughing:

The good old days, I miss my Amigas.

The goodbye message:

VisiCalc ! :wink:

I love this bit:
Microsoft has purchased Blue Ribbon in hopes of letting us bring interactive music to the masses of the world
:laughing: ROTFL! This was at a time when Microsoft were still in denial that the internet existed, and 20 years later they still don’t have a single music product.

I could use some AREXX in Cubase, that would kick the macro/scripting into high gear.