Cubase for Linux

Me too. As long as it also ran:

  • All my MS software I need
  • Davinci Resolve
  • isotope RX Advanced
  • Equator Audio reverbs
  • Pro Tools HDX
  • Soundminer
  • Netflix (in 5.1)
  • Spotify
  • Lynx TWO-B
  • UAD-2
  • Contour Shuttle
  • Avid’s Eucon protocol

… and a few more things…

A dedicated audio machine complete with hardware, custom OS and Software… made by Yamaha…

That’ll be $15k for the starter model then lol.

How an earth could they develop all that and sell for a price that’s viable for everyone? It’s not doable.

You’re clearly heavily invested in Windows and that’s fine. Others are heavily invested in Mac and that’s fine too. We just want a third option.

I don’t mind a third option, I’m just stating what I’d need to buy such a box. Not want. Need.

Some of it already runs on Linux, but some probably doesn’t. And regardless whatever box Steinberg/Yamaha would sell would need a Linux distro that ran all of that. And I’m not unique in this btw.

Manufacturers can buy mini 4-core boards at scale for less than $100, Thunderbolt and USB3 for the AD/DA so we can mix & match our own. The OS is free, remember? Not much customization necessary. The software (i.e. Cubase) would just need to be ported, and, as it’s already cross-platform and uses a number of open-source components, I don’t foresee any unsurmountable difficulties.

As soon as you get to mix & match on your own the whole concept of “turnkey” is gone. The ADAC is key for us in pro audio so it needs to work. I would assume that to be one of the key features of this proposed box.

As for “just ported”, it’s not “just” ported, it also needs to be supported. So then someone needs to maintain the OS distro and be in sync with Steinberg, or Steinberg needs to do it, or it needs to stay put at one single version.

I honestly don’t think it takes that much for other components to start placing demands on updates and support for this additionally supported OS. So yeah, one component might be $100, but you have to factor in all components and software and then add support overhead to it.

A $100 part actually costs more like $2-300 in manufacturing - this isn’t an eBay seller building a few machines at cost price - every part has to be sourced, tested and supply chain agreements put in place for production runs. Plus the control of Incoming and assembly QA assessments, failures in process etc. So many factors, people to pay and already occupied production lines to schedule these assemblies into, and a shed load of admin piled on top.

Many companies weight the true cost of a part at 2-4x the actual cost price due to overheads.

The OS isn’t ‘free’ either, Steinberg have to develop, test AND support it… hundreds of thousands just to have two guys work making it saleable, cohesive and user friendly, and they’d need to project manage and fit it into their existing infrastructure, along with Yamaha on the hardware side. On top of that they also need to protect their IP and make it secure.

It’s also critical how this would compare with other such products on the market which Yamaha have vested interest in, and their reputation for hardware in the market as a whole.

How would they even begin to predict sales on such a project. Look at the Nuage controllers for pricing, if you broke down the ‘parts’ cost you could never justify the selling price by using this $100 part philosophy. That’s why the cost of a custom Steinberg/Yamaha hardware and OS combo would be through the roof!

Plus it would get bad mouthed on if less than perfect as they are platform owner, app developer and hardware manufacturer. They’d be mad to even entertain the idea… particularly if all this expense goes into running a cross platform app on which inherently is buggy and out dated in certain areas.

Doomed from the start pretty much.

OK let’s just give up then. Oh look, someone else is doing it :astonished:


When they’ve got all that we need running on “it” we have options… (or “if”)

Elk is nothing like what’s being discussed here (?!), it’s not even an end user product. Just a framework for developers to use for deploying to devices such as Raspberry PI’s to incorporate VST plugins into standalone MIDI controllers.

I’d say what Cockos are doing with REAPER is more an indicator for what Steinberg would do to explore Linux/Open source options. It’s a very long path for them, and they haven’t a suite of tools and plugins to consider like Steinberg… Having the DAW and it’s supporting suite of tools on Linux is a big ask, yet only 30% of the puzzle being proposed here.

This thread started when Windows XP was abandoned by it master. Time to give this another bump now that the same master has tossed Windows 7 users to the wolves!

6.5 years later… any day now…

Well after installing windows 10 ame edition it got me straight thinking about how i would move to Linux if cubase was supported🤔

I want a Steinberg distro optimized for sound with support for a vst server to run with multiple pcs🤑

I am hereby officially starting the rumour that Cubase 11 will be available on Linux :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah, it’s only been 6 years since you started this thread so… odds are high it’s coming any day now…

I think ARM support for Mac owners will keep them busy enough, so can’t see Linux being on the horizon.


Perhaps Mac should be dropped to free up resources for the Linux version, seeing as Linux already runs on ARM.

Yeah, let’s drop development for Macs. I’m pretty sure they have almost zero customers that would be affected…


Please do this. It’s an absolutely travesty that macs became a thing in the professional world. They are user experience products for latte hipsters, not engineering platforms.

ps I’m pretty hip, and like a good latte.