Cubase for Linux

I’d rather work with the Linux community than Apple, too. Can you imagine the hoops that Apple will be forcing developers like Steinberg to jump through?!

Firstly they will do their best to force an app store requirement for third party developers, secondly will be an attempt to phase out VST vs AU architecture so that apps are universal. I really hope developers don’t get dragged down this hole, but of course, there’s a large percentage of paying customers there.

Something that the Linux community doesn’t really offer right now. I’d love nothing more than a true mainstream linux audio platform, but the pot of gold just ain’t there to make it logical. :frowning:

Meh. Linux isn’t even a single thing. Unlike windows, where you can compile one binary and run on any Windows 10 PC on the planet, there are a thousand or more Linux distributions, and month by month, year by year, there is no such thing as a stable binary application interface (ABI) that can be relied upon. Making and distributing binary (not open source) software on Linux is not an exercise worth attempting.

Linux is crap for DAW work. End of rant. I am a huge Linux fan, but it’s trash for Audio. Look at all the driver issues people already have on Windows and that’s actually a pretty stable binary environment for audio and driver work. On Linux, you don’t even have the ability to ship binary audio drivers for the platform, you will need to alter the kernel and rebuild it and add modules to it, and different ones for each major brand of audio interface.

Create a flatpack, install, run. Works everywhere. Done.

Trouble with flatpak is that it’s isolated from the rest of the system isn’t it? I’ve not used it, but doesn’t that mean that all your plugins would have to somehow only exist in that same ‘cubase’ environment?

Most people using audio will use their machine for something else, having to run apps in bottles as a solution is pretty archaic imo.

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