Cubase for live performance

I’m using a MacBook with windows installed and cubase to run our Backing tracks, midi for guitarbank switching and midi to DMX when we are performing live. The audio interface is a Motu 828MK3

In any case each song we play only contains about 5 audio tracks and 3 midi tracks. No VST or anything that should cause the computer to be stressed.

So at our latest show we had a malfunctioning in our setup which caused the audio device to drop out.
We had to drop the show eventually.

I’m almost certain that the problem was caused by something external, I’m still struggling with solving it.
It works fine at our rehearsal studio, both before and after the show.
So I’m certain that this is not a software issue.
BUT everytime I tell someone about this issue they a like, ARE YOU USING CUBASE FOR LIVE!!

So what’s your opinion on this?


Try to increase your Audio Device Buffer Size. For this use case, you can setup the highest Buffer Size.

Btw, have you seen VST Live?

Yeah, VST Live seems to be tailor-made for that. I’d still be terrified to run a (Windows-based) laptop to control my stage show, which is why I’m experimenting with Cubasis on an iPad (they crash less than laptops), and an Akai Force (solid hardware device made for live performances).

I wish Steinberg made VST Live for an iPad though, I’d love to be able to take a Cubase project and easily export it to something similar (i.e. VST Live) on an iPad!

Bring a second computer along for redundancy.

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Just for playbacks? There should be no problem.

Use a real computer (a NUC or a Mac Mini) and it will not fail. MacBooks are not that reliable then everybody is expecting. I saw a good deal of fail on shows done many times before.
And all the people were saying, that never happened before.

All PC laptops I saw fail on live shows were laptops in very bad condition.