Cubase for Windows - Is it Win7 or nothing?


Sorry if this is a stupid or repeat question, but will C6 only run in Windows 7?

Im still on XP Pro (SP3) with C4 and would much rather spend the next couple ‘o’ hundred quid on C6 upgrade now and upgrade to Win7 at a later point in the budget.


It works in XP, some have to update .net

This is much talked about.

C6 will run perfectly well on XP, but OS is not officially supported any more.

There are quite a few threads around discussing various aspects.

I would recommend go to 6.02 for now. I haven’t found CPU use to be any heavier than in C4 until you start to use newer features such as Variaudio. Win7 64 bit is the way forward though I am not ready to make that leap for the moment.

Your C4 will still work. C6 installs alongside. You may need to copy preferences in to the C6 folder for personalised stuff.

C6 projects aren’t backwardly compatible, so I would suggest a leisurely period of change over starting to work in C6 on non-critical stuff first.

Hope this helps

I use XP SP2. Installed fine but I did find this instruction which I followed, so I know what will happen if you don’t do it.

Needs .net framework 3.5 SP1 (I already had it)
On the Cubase 6 install dialog that appears before install (choice to install as user or as administrator)
disable the ‘square’ checkbox in the dialog (Protect my computer and data from unauthorised program activity)

Only thing I do notice is I can’t display the video in the demo project (but I don’t this function anyway).


I also run 6.0.3 on XP SP2. I found I only needed net.framework to update the e-licenser on my internet PC. I do not have this installed on my DAW.