Cubase for Windows on Arm: Preview version available for third-party developers

Dear third-party developers,

:warning: This information must not be openly discussed on our public forum for now. :warning:

In a joint effort with Microsoft to port our entire Windows product portfolio to Windows on Arm (WoA), we are contacting you to offer access to a preview version of Cubase for Windows on Arm.

As Cubase is only one element of what we offer our users, we are looking for active partners to build VST 3 plug-ins and ASIO drivers which are compatible with Windows on Arm, creating a new and enticing ecosystem on this exciting new platform.

Currently, Cubase for Windows on Arm is built using the Arm64EC hybrid architecture. This allows our users to load both Intel 64-bit and Arm64EC plug-ins, providing the greatest flexibility for moving to Windows on Arm.

We hope that this preview version will assist your development of VST 3 plug-ins for Windows on Arm, and we are looking forward to collaborating with you.

More information about the development on WoA can be found here:

Feel free to contact @Yvan directly for access to our preview version of Cubase for Windows on Arm.


Hi Armand, I work on Windows on ARM/Snapdragon, can I please get a preview version?

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Hi regarding the new co pilot plus laptops about to launch with snapdragon X processors - would these run cubase ?

Thanks !