Cubase "forgets" Generic Remote Mappings

Hi everyone,

I am trying to set up a BCR 2000 to control different softsynths using the Generic Remote feature in Cubase 7. My problem is that after creating my map in the Device Setup, everything looks and works fine, but when I close and reopen Cubase, some (not all) of the mappings are messed up - the MIDI controllers are still there, but they’re not mapped to anything anymore, or to the wrong parameters. Interestingly it’s always the same mappings that disappear/change, not matter how often I re-map them.

I’ve tried to export the mappings as XML as soon as everything seems to be working, but even when I’m loading the seemingly clean XML file after re-launching Cubase, the mappings are corrupt.

I’ve been wondering if a reason might be that during the process of creating the map I loaded the XML file into an editor (Aptana) because in certain cases it’s way faster to edit it that way than using the Device Setup window. But the code looks fine to me, and when I export it from Cubase it should be clean again (I guess), but it still keeps messing up things.

Another thing I was wondering about was if my setup is too “extensive”. Right now I have about 200 controllers mapped to different parameters, maybe that’s too much to handle…? (If it’s of any help here, I can elaborate a little more on my setup.)

I’ve already spent a lot of time working on this setup, so any help or hint would be highly appreciated! Thank you so much!

Thanks for the advice, Rhino - I’m already using BC Manager, programming the BCR “manually” would be a nightmare…

I’ve just tried to open and fix the XML file in Cubase 6.5, with the same sad results. Well, since the only explanation I see right now is that editing the XML in Aptana has messed something up, I guess I’ll have to try and go through the pain of rebuilding my entire map in the Generic Remote window… :-/

Unless someone else has an idea how to fix this - any suggestions are welcome!

Ok, I’ve figured it out, thanks to comparing two XMLs, just as you said!!!

The problem was that since I wanted to set up several synth plugins, I had used the same Control Names (like OSC1 Vol, LFO1 Rate etc.) several times. They were still assigned to different MIDI controllers and showed up in their own separate lines in the GR setup, but apparently this is something that messes up things. I could also see that in the XML - the respective tabs had two values assigned, which is probably the point where Cubase got confused. By giving each control unique names the problem could be solved, and everything is working beautifully now.

Thank you so much, Rhino - you saved me from a lot of pain and frustration!!! Two thumbs up! :slight_smile: