Cubase forgets midi in/out settings for Mackie Control

Does anyone know how to make Cubase 7.x remember the midi in/out settings for my Mackie control surfaces. I have to reset these each time I open Cubase for my control surface to work.

I’m running
OSX Yosemite,
Cubase 7.5,
Allen & Heath QU-24 is the control surface

I add three Mackie Control surface settings in Cubase and assign each of them to DAW control 3,2 and 1 for midi in and out.

I also open Allen & Heath DAW Control when mac os boots, and then I turn the QU-24 on, then I launch Cubase. I have had this same issue in previous version of Cubase.

Hey ClardySound
I have exactely the same issue. I use a QU-32 and Cubase Pro 8.0. Did you find a solution?
Looking forward to your answer.