Cubase "forgets" my plugin paths


Everytime I start Cubase, I have to manually
add my plugin paths again, because Cubase
apparently forgets it.

Even if I’m loading a project with external VST
instruments or effects, I’ll have to add the plugin
and the tracks again, because he keeps “forgetting it”.

Windows 8.1
No soundboard, but the generic one
(which comes with the computer).


Doesn’t Cubase crash (silently) while quit? Does Cubase remembers other settings?

Hi Martin,

I’m not sure, if he crashes, however, if he does,
I haven’t noticed. And I’m not really sure about
what other settings he could remember…
Could you give me an example, so I could
try myself and know if it’s working?



Try to change any colour or add your own Key Command to any function. Or try to change the any toolbar settings (order or visibility of the buttons).

Hi again, Martin,

I’ve sucessfully changed some colors in cubase 9,
yet, no luck remembering vst paths!


Then this particular file is not for some reason written correctly.

Could you try to rename Cubase preferences folder (%appData% Steinberg/Cubase 9), try to start Cubase again, change the plug-in path, and restart Cubase? Does it work?

Hi one more time,

THANK YOU! It WORKED!! THANKS! Now… Why did this work?