Cubase Free version I could use with my CUBASE 11 license?

I am trying to integrate 2 computers, one is a Mac and one is a PC. I want to use one to just run soft synths and stream it via ADAT from an RME Babyface on the PC into a UAD Apollo on the Mac. From what I have read, system link can be used. My problem is I only have one license for Cubase 11. Is there a way to get a free version to run on the PC that supports system link without having to purchase a secondary license? Cubase AI or LE? Any other FREE options to do what I have listed above? Thanks in advance.


I have just double-checked this and I can confirm, any Cubase edition supports System Link. Even Cubase AI, LE, Elements.

Thanks, Martin. I have a Cubase LE version I can purchase on KVR Audio, but I just found this document on the Steinberg Support Site that says VST System Link is NOT supported in Cubase LE. Can you please confirm prior to me purchasing this? Thanks for your help!


I can see the option in Cubase LE 11 available here in my computer. But I haven’t tested it function-wise.

You can see the function mentioned in Cubase LE 11 manual.

As far as I know, it’s not possible to buy Cubase LE Edition. LE is an OEM license, which you can get (for free) with some hardware. The lowest Edition you can really buy is Cubase Elements, which includes all of LE and some more features.

Thanks, Martin. Someone on KVR marketplace is selling an unused lisence that he acquired with a Focusrite interface, if I recall correctly. So I was just going to buy it for $5 which is a no brainer as long as the vst system link works. I’m just trying to avoid paying for an upper end lisence when I only need like 2 vst instruments and a few plugins to stream from my Pc to my Mac and I’d really like to have Cubase on both, but I can’t really allocate the $150 Canadian when I just need a basic lisence. It’s a shame you can’t just purchase an LE for xxxx amount of dollars. I bet that would be kind of popular, but I also understand the business model. And if it free as a loss leader item with bundles hardware, maybe people who have a Cubase pro lisence could also get a copy of LE with the lisence bundle for situations like mine. Anyways thanks for taking the time to respond. I appreciate it. Cheers!

Yes, technically (legally, I guess) the only way to sell an LE/AI license is to transfer it to a USB-eLicenser and include it with the hardware which you are also selling.

How to resell Steinberg software (Resale Wizard) – Steinberg Support


I see, as second hand… This is possible, but Scab_Pickens’ information is really valuable.

Be also aware, you cannot change the license back from the USB-eLicenser to a Soft-eLicenser anymore.