Cubase freeze as soon as I move a fader of my arduino midi controller

Hello, this and my arturia keyboard is no longer working on cubase.

As soon as I move a fader of my arduino midi controller, cubase freeze !! and I have to shut it down on the task manager

I have this error message on MIDI-Ox


To me it looks like a MIDI feedback loop issue. Double-check your MIDI connection, please.

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Agreed with @Martin.Jirsak -

I seem to recall someone else posting with a very similar problem some time ago. And the problem was related to the external hardware effectively having a software enabled midi-thru activated.

So you may want to check to ensure, that your arduino does not echo incoming midi messages right back out.

I Unplugged my arduino midi controller and everything works fine, all my other midi controller
it’s weird I never had this issue with this controller
I tried to move it from the usb hub to a usb 2 on the motherboard and same issue. as soon as I move a fader, cubase freeze immediately

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Edit : further testing on midi-ox confirmed that The arduino little 3 fader controller is indead the disease… when it’s plugged it makes everything buggy, or not working, or freezes

edit 2 : When unplugging replugging the arduino, all my controllers including the arduino works together well in midi-OX… but as soon as I open cubase, and I touch the arduino even just once, then cubase crash, and if I then open midi-ox I got that memory issue pop-up warning

that’s because the Cubase MIDI Remote also echoes incoming mapped messages by default - so once you start sending a midi message from the arduino, the MIDI Remote echoes it back. And then the arduino echoes it back. And then the MIDI Remote echoes it back. etc. etc.

This is happening in milliseconds, so it quickly overloads Cubase’s midi input.

And when Cubase is frozen and you shut it down from the task manager that midi port never gets released properly and you get the MIDI-OX message.

But you can also stop the Cubase MIDI Remote from sending MIDI messages back to the external hardware. While you edit the desired control in the MIDI Remote, uncheck the box “Transmit to Hardware”:

Make sure you do that and to exit the edit mode before you move any sliders on the arduino.

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goat advice :goat:

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