Cubase freezes. Video decode. Reinstalled, still freezes.

Hello all,

I’m not sure how to fix this. Every time I open my Cubase 5, and I press ‘create’, it just sits there, I press on any other buttons on the opening menu, and the same thing. It will not budge. The only way I can solve it is to use the task manager to close it, and just after i do this, a message flashes on the screen, and I had to repeat the process and quickly hit “print screen” before the message disappears as Cubase shuts down.

I’ve put the screen shot there so I’m hoping that will be helpful. There was also some kind of log message that was meant to be created, but when I go to program files, steinberg, and cubase 5, and then open that folder, there is no log file.

Thanks if anyone can help me here, I’m kind of desperate to get cubase up and started again.