Cubase freezes when "heavy" project is loaded

Hello, guys.

That’s the issue… I’ve got i5-8400 2.80 Ghz CPU and 16 Gb RAM, Windows 10 x64.
In my “heavy” project there are 80 tracks. Half of them are instruments, the rest are audio tracks. I have frozen half of instruments but still facing with “lagging” playback and lagging orientation with middle mouse button in a project window.

Does that mean I have to upgrate my PC or I can fix it somehow?

Thanks in advance

If it freezes then it’s most likely a plugin that is doing it. And when I say ‘a plugin is doing it’, I mean a missing plugin (something that you either no longer have - either via a trial or something similar), or the plugin was at one time recognized by an earlier version of Cubase (VST2) that is no longer usable in C10.

Is this, in fact, an older Project that you are trying to open?

Your computer should be fine, this is not the problem, IMHO.

Pretty much the same issue here. i5-3570, 3800 MHz, 12 Gb RAM, 64-track project created in Cubase 8.5

It’s absolutely new project I created a week ago in a Cubase 10 Pro. I’ve been using Cubase 10 for 2-3 month now.
Are you presuming that some of plugins (even those that aren’t used in a project) were recognized as VST2 and make cubase work slower and freeze?

I just checked out I noticed that I have Lexicon Revers and Delays installed and they are all VST 2 plugins and they work well

Cubase works fine when there’s less instruments and tracks though

OK, instances of a plugin using VST version ‘VST 2.4’ can be used, but it is different than a VST 3 plugin. So yes, the .dll file (used by the VST 2.4 plugin) will work in Cubase 10. And actually, if it’s not blacklisted by C10 then ANY plugin should be good to go.

As to what is causing the freeze, it could be other things, as well, then. An outdated video card driver could cause this, too.

Q: When you open the Project does Cubase ask you to locate any plugins or files?