Cubase freezes when trying to open project


I’m up against a deadline and can’t open a project I’ve been working on because of some nasty interaction between plug-ins loading their sounds in background threads that causes it to deadlock. I’ve tried to open the file 20 times now and it always deadlocks at the same point. This has always been a problem in Cubase, but usually after about five-or-so attempts of opening a file I can get there in the end, but I’m completely stuck here because I just cannot get this file to open. I’m on OS X 10.8. 4 and am using the latest version of Cubase 8. I know threading issues are an unpredictable beast in their own right, but does anyone have any tricks as to how one might work around this?

Is it scanning VST’s when it freezes? If so, what VST is being loaded during the freeze?

It’s not whilst scanning that I have the problem. It’s when it’s loading the sounds for an instance of EastWest Play in a background thread whilst Cubase continues preparing other data in another. It looks as though (though, of course, I can’t be sure!) the main thread is waiting for a background thread to finish before continuing, but it never gets further than that and so sits there waiting. It’s not stuck in an endless loop, incidentally, as the CPU usage is minimal. Sometimes Kontakt takes Cubase down for a similar reason whilst loading a project, so it would seem it’s the interaction between Kontakt, Play and VE Pro that is causing the problems.

This happens to me on occasion, and as recently as yesterday. The project in question wasn’t that complex.

Sometimes loading in a different project first, then closing it and then loading up the desired project works for me. At least it did yesterday.

I haven’t spent the time debugging it to find any more pattern than that, sorry.