Cubase Freezes While Loading A Project (a channel) And Nothing Happens

Hi folks! I have a previous Cubase version project which I am not able to open on Cubase 12. It starts to load the project but it stops loading a specific channel from it. I am pretty sure that it is some VST that is in this channel that is doing that, but I don’t have any clue on how to troubleshoot that in order to know what is “locking” the project to be loaded. Any clue?

It’s an old remedy.

Temp rename your plug-in folders. Restart and load.

You’ll then see which plugins are missing.

Rename them back 1 or 2 at a time. You get the idea I think.

The other thing would be to open a new project and try to “import tracks from project” from the project you are having trouble with.

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@Phil_Pendlebury thanks a lot for the reply and sorry for the huge delay. I upgrade to Cubase 12 and magically it is not freezing anymore! But learned a nice trick in case I end up falling into the same scenario! Thank you!

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