Cubase freezing after SSD upgrade and Windows 10 fresh install

I recently upgraded to a 500 GB SSD and done a fresh install of win10 64bit. Having got all my software back my PC is freezing after a few minutes running the latest cubase artist. It completely locks and I have to power off to restart. I‘ve had a look through past comment and have tried all the suggestions like running in compatibility mode, etc. Ok…this is getting really frustrating. Not only have I spent a lot of money on cubase I have now spent a day of my own time doing another clean install of win 7 64bit and the problem still exists. My old win10 installation and the current win 7 are both really stable and with all audio working perfectly. I have tried all the suggestions on your web site, deleted nividia drivers and disabled the card now using on board video and most recent driver. This is really poor! Your product is killing my creativity not enhancing it. Please help me to resolve this ASAP, I only have issues when running cubase.