Cubase freezing on autosave while DOP window is open

Hello all, and hello Steinberg,

i’m not sure if this is the right forum, is there still bug report section somewhere ?

However, as the title says, i have this annoying problem with Cubase Pro 11.0.30 - when i have the Direct Offline Processing window open at the time the autosave is done, Cubase freezes (need to force quit) and the saved project is 0kb / unusable. This happens repeatedly, every time…i’ll have to turn autosave off now, since i lost so much work already. It maybe that this issue has come with the last update, as i can’t remember this to happen with the 11.0 version.

Thanks for reading and hopefully fixing, Chris

System is Win 10 64
Intel i7
UAD Apollo x8


Could you make a DMP file from the Windows Task Manager and share it, please?