Cubase freezing or crashing after update to 12, please help

I can’t find the solution for this case on forum.
For some reason, Cubase 12 is completely unstable for me.

I updated Cubase from 10 to 12 (in 10, it was fine) on Windows 10.
When I go from Cubase to any other window, e.g. switch to some other program (often times not related to sound, e.g. simply click on Windows button on keyboard or some notebook, Wordpad I or click somewhere outside Cubase), something strange happens when I return to Cubase. There is freezing for a few (5-20) seconds, you can still click something in it, but after this click, Cubase freezes totally, or you can completely stop hearing any sound in it, no matter what project I load. Then I must restart the program, but after the restart there is a random situation, i.e. either it will restart with a popup window about some problems with the license:


So I must reboot of the entire system because it is no longer possible to work due to happen strange things from that. Sometimes crashes without reason.
It happens many times in the day, so I’m losing a lot of time.

CrashDumps file.
Cubase 64bit 2022.12.8 (2.8 MB)

Please help!

Have you updated all other involved software like Groove agent , Halion and so on because 12 needs them to be on the latest versions

Hi, yes.
In safe Mode I “Delete program preferences” and “Disable program preferences” too, and it’s the same.