Cubase full download failing

I’ve been trying to download the full 9GB Cubase installer, but it keeps failing at between 2-4GB. I’m confident my connection’s fine as I’ve been downloading my sample libraries without issue.

I’ve noticed it’s not on the ftp server either. Are there any download mirrors for this I could try? Thanks.

csl, if you have cubase on dvd then even though it’s the outdated version it should be able to download the latest updates during the install process. all you need is a previous installer if you already had one from earlier and it should be able to get the new stuff for you. xD

Thanks TranceCrafter, but I think I did a download only update from Cubase 6, and for some reason it didn’t include the Retrologue and Padshop instruments. Thought it’d be best to do an install update to add the bits and pieces I missed installing it the first time around.

The Cubase Elements 8 trial installer for OS X also stops downloading at 1 GB, tried it numerous times on different browsers and different computers.

I have contacted support - no reply, and posted a thread on here - it’s not appeared. All I want to do is trial Elements as I have a 1/2 price voucher and am wondering if it works better than 7.5 did on Yosemite.

I use something called DownloadThemAll. I think this is a Firefox plugin, or it may just be a more general download tool with a Firefox plugin, can’t remember… Anyway, it is much more tolerant of download interruptions and it can usually resume most downloads, whereas just using Firefox I can’t resume sometimes so it starts again (and again). Its my goto tool for big long downloads.


I never use a download tool when getting large downloads. I use the standard ‘Save File’ option. Just one more thing to go wrong.

I wonder if it’s got anything to do with the ‘expiretime’ string in the link? In any event it just won’t work for me.


I’m migrating from PC to Mac.
It gets to about 1.8GB and then 'loses the connection".

The extra annoying thing…is that you can’t continue the download. It restarts from scratch

but why haven’t they fixed it by now? or at least provided another way to get it

Have been using Safari…
Just started a download with Firefox.
Failed at 1.4GB.

It LOOKS like you can resume the download though (doesn’t start over).
Will report back

Firefox does let you resume the download.
It fails every GB now and I just resume it.
Up to 4.8gb now


Got all the way through and the file was ZERO Bytes

I had the same issue. I resolved it by calling support directly. They asked for my email address and sent me 2 links for the ISO images the same day. They downloaded no problem. One file was around 5 gig the other 7. Took about 2 hrs in total even on a fibre broadband service.
I now have to figure how to use these to get a DVD to work from. I have single layer DVDs and the file are obviously bigger, so another part to deal with.

same issue with AI 8.Switched to explorer.Stopped once,I resumed and it finished and installed fine.

I tried Internet Explorer too, but now it just stops after 70 percent.
First it says download was interrupted at like 30 percent, just like on chrome then I hit resume and it keeps going till around 70 percent and then says download finished. But when I click open it says file invalid and it’s only around 1.8 gb not 2.6. When it stops on chrome at 30 percent its usually like 900 something mb.

I tried that Firefox too, same like chrome. I even tried that downthemall thing from some other post, but that was slow and crashed basically right after starting the download.

I emailed support and nothing

I had the same issue yesterday whilst using firefox…
i got round it by using IE, when the download paused at about 1.7GB i hit the resume button in the IE download manager and it continued just fine… all seems to have installed correctly too.

I got my Cubase 8 reinstalled, and updated to 8.02 all looks well. Support had sent me 2 download links - one was 5gb other 7gb. One is the main program the other is groove agent se and halion sonic. You need to have a dual layer DVD to burn the imgae file correctly. I couldnt figure how to do this using a USB stick. On running the installer just run it from the start centre icon which will udpate the correct modules. Same with any updates - it tells you what is there and what needs updating.