Cubase full files

Hey guys I have a possibly dumb question. Ive been using Cubase for years recently the singer I work with has bought the same setup as mine. We both have Cubase 6.5. What I’m wondering is when we are both working on projects together Can we use a file share site so that if I work on the track, can he then be able to take the full track and put on his computer to continue working on? I know I can take the cubase file and put it up but will all the associated audio and midi tracks go with it?

Yep, I do this often.

When you’re ready to share, goto File -> Back Up Project and clean it up as much you want with the dialogue that comes up so you can remove any unnecessary files and trim down the file size. Save it to a new folder, zip that folder up and send it on its way. You shouldn’t run into any problems.

This sounds too good to be true. Is anything lost or changed within the wave files involved if they are compressed into a zip folder and then unzipped ? I have no idea, just asking.

When you’re greeted with the back-up project dialogue, you can uncheck all the boxes which will pretty much make an exact copy of your project. However you also have the option of removing all unused media from the project and only using the regions present in your project if you really want to clean things up and save space, in that case you would be losing files but if they’re not necessary than it’s all good.

yep it works beautifully!
We do it all the time!

Just make sure you do as described above.
Only sharing the .cpr won’t work, as this only holds the settings of the project and the references to the audiofiles, not the audiofiles themselves.

Thanks for the replies guys!!! So what do you use to zip the folder? When I right click a folder i get something about RAR as a option

winzip, winrar, 7zip is all fine, doesn’t matter at all as long as the recipient has the right program to unzip the file. 7zip can do the highest compression, so the resulting file will be smaller and quicker to send. It takes longer to compress and decompress though, so it depends on the speed of your internet connections which is quicker :wink:

This has no effect at all on the audio quality btw.