Cubase Gen. Remote issue

Hi all, would appreciate ur help with something:

I have the Axiom 25 first gen midi keyboard.

After I have imported the xls file to cubase, all of the play/pause/rec buttons are working just fine.

however, the faders seem to attach themselves to random mixer volume control.

after I unassign them 1 by 1, save the project and reopen it, the faders will again be randomly assigned.

this is a problem because I use the faders to control certain CCs in VSTs.

any idea how I can just keep them unassigned??

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:


I installed my Axiom 25 (1st generation) yesterday and have the same problem. I think the problem is with the xlm file
is not a recent file to work .
I think.
I am working with win 8.1 / cubase 7.5.
When i touch the knobs everything stops working, no sound, and i have to power on and off to get sound again.
I don’t touch the knobs now.
Have you resolved your problem?

Note that the last imported or exported remote setup will automatically be loaded when the program starts or the Generic Remote control is added in the Device Setup dialog. If you don’t import or export, your changes will be gone upon reopening the project.