Cubase-generated harmony notes can't be moved (permanently) in VariAudio

Using Cubase 12 Pro.

I generated a couple of harmony lines from studio recorded vocals and am trying to VariAudio these into sensible harmony lines. But selecting each harmony line separately (‘Soprano’ or ‘Alto’) in VariAudio, I can mouse-drag the notes to where I want them and hear them at the desired pitch (and all points in between); but as soon as I release the note where I want it to go, it snaps back to its original position. Pitch snap mode is OFF, by the way.

Also, when in VariAudio, what are solid horizontal white bars at various pitches in the event? As expected, the notes of the harmony part I am working on in VariAudio are coloured, depending on their pitch. All I know is the white bars are not the original vocal track pitches - they are something else.

Any thoughts on either would be appreciated. Thanks.

I encountered this at some point and the answer was either you need to bounce the generated harmonies first or mute/disable the chord track. Cannot for the life of me remember which one it was though and am away from DAW atm so cannot check! lol. Hope this helps!

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Select the track and go to the chords tab in the inspector and set the follow chord track to off.

Many thanks, Greg. All done and sorted; and you’ve saved me asking you on Club Cubase Live tomorrow - for which many thanks, by the way. It’s always so helpful!

Hope you had a good 4th of July.


Thanks, Nick. As you’ll see, my post somehow got through to Greg Ondo, who replied with the solution and we’re sorted.

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