Cubase Generic Remote Issue

So I’ve been watching loads of tutorials recently about setting up big templates and using lemur or touchosc to help navigate them. And they’ve been super helpful in getting my large orchestral template built in a similar way.

But I’ve hit a problem with the Generic Remote, specifically using it to automatically change to a keyswitch/articulation page in touchosc when a particular MIDI track is selected in Cubase.

As far as I can see, it all works fabulously, unless you buy a new sample library and want to incorporate it into the template.

It seems that the GR takes its commands from the channel number in Cubase rather than the track name which means that adding one new track in the middle of the template bumps all the GR commands down by one, making them incorrect.

Am I missing something here? Or does every new addition to a template require reassigning the GR commands to all the consecutive tracks?

Hi and welcome,

You are completely right. In the GR Cubase is working with the channel number, not any Channel ID or something like this. If you change the order of the Channels (or add/remove) channel) new parameters are assigned.

Thanks for your quick reply Martin and for confirming what I had thought. It’s a shame there isn"t a way around this


Made the mistake of adding a track when live, then nothing worked as it should, have to put new tracks right at the end, in my case even after fx tracks, wonder if this will get an upgrade sometime? Here’s hoping😊

Best Regards, Dave

If anyone is looking for the answer, there is a really nice workaround using a simple entry in a generic remote and a transformer on the Cubase end of things and a bit of code at the Lemur end. Take a look at this video…