Cubase gets stuck :(

hey guy’s!
I’ve got an huge problem! :frowning: My cubase is suddently getting stuck ! I’ve got an legaly cubase / nexus2 / and Komplete 8 installed. But when im working with it it suddently gets stuck, and i cant klick on anything, it wont responce :frowning: most of the time by using the Komplete plugins :frowning:. Sometimes after a minute , sometimes 10 min, and sometimes it takes longer. But the problem of it is that i will lose all my work! And as artist u know that that is a disaster sometimes. I realy can’t produce anymore cus it’s getting stuck all the time.

The weird part of it is that when its getting stuck, my pc just running fine, only my cubase does nothing anymore, it keeps on loading and then giving errors like : Cubase doesn’t work u have to shut down. Ore ill have to close it on the (taakbeheer) as it is called in dutch.

Now i have tryed everyting to make my pc faster, Legal virus scanners, pc tuners, defrag. , cleanup’s , pc resets.
Ive put my plugins on external harddrives to make my pc a bit faster, but still it doesnt solve the problem :frowning:
so it cant be my pc . ( as it is almost empty of programs cus im only using it for producing)
Im using an asus laptop with : intelcore i7 2630 QM cpu 2.00 gighertz 4gb workmemory ,64 bit
So basicly my pc must run fine with cubase

But whatever im trying it doesn’t help
And im getting a bit sad of it, cus 1, i cant produce anymore, and 2 it have cost me a lot of money and it just doesnt work :frowning:

I would be verry verry thankfull if someone can help me with this!

Kind regards Alex
cubase stuck1.jpg
(As u can see in the picture, my pc works fine. Cubase gets stuck again, and at the same time im writing my desperite massage :stuck_out_tongue: When i click on the cubase icon it wont responce, if i close all my windows the backround just goes black and it gives a loading arrow. i cant do anything anymore but then to shut it down true taskcontrol using alt-control-del. and then press end the task. After i do that, i cant restart cubase anymore, ill have to restart my pc to open it again!)

Are you saying it DID work just fine on this computer earlier?

LMFAO! The answer lies in your specs. :wink:

How long have you had this computer and Cubase? If you used something before successfully what was it?

Check “Windows logboeken -> Toepassingen” for more info on the crash! :wink:

Errm ivé had the cubase 2 years i think, and my laptop one year now.

Yes, it worked just fine in the beginning. I used cubase and nexus2. But since ive added Komplete it is totaly trippin ;p

Maby my soundcard is to weak for the Komplete 8 pluggins?

The answer does not lie in your specs. Your laptop isn’t the best, but it shouldn’t hang like that. If your laptop is running out of resources, the symptoms include audio dropouts, stuttering and general slow responsiveness, but not a sudden crash.

Have you tried:
updating Komplete
Inserting the eLicenser in a non-usb3 slot
Trashing preferences (check the knowledgebase for info on how to do it and how to preserve custom presets etc.)

I’m now pretty sure that Komplete, together with a couple of other seemingly well respected DAW additions, has serious faults as every other day it seems to crop up as part of a problem on this and some other forums as well.

There are a few programs I’ve logged as do not buy and Komplete is one of them.

Yes it does. Kontact is a RAM intensive VSTi, Senhor Sabes Nada. :unamused: Try knowing what you’re talking about before posting, seems all you give is bad advice. :wink:

I was running komplete 8 with Cubase 6 on a dual core, 2ghz, 2gb ram, With no issues…

Have you tried running the NI instruments in standalone?

I know Kontakt is RAM intensive, and I also know most other Komplete instruments are not the easiest on your hardware, as I own a few of them. His spec should be fine to run a few VSTi instances though, and even if he can’t, it shouldn’t just hang randomly. Thanks for attacking me personally with unfounded threats, really cool Nate.

Just to verify though, try running Cubase with your taskmanager (Taakbeheer) open and monitor cpu and ram usage.

I probably wouldn’t say it’s anything to do with the soundcard.
Maybe Komplete has just overloaded your ram or your drives are too slow to load the data in it.
Maybe Komplete should be installed on an external 7200rpm drive.

Could also be a power issue either the PSU itself or your power saving settings but usually any settings would be more obvious.

“Plug your dongle into a non usb3 socket” !? Where did that happen? Missed it.

And I saw a mild remark about misleading info (arguable :neutral_face: ) but I didn’t see any threats. I get much worse. Yer mom is actually quite polite. :astonished:
Try not to turn a mild spat in to a desperate war of attrition.

Where did I threaten you? :confused: Insulted maybe, but threatened, no. :neutral_face: :wink: :mrgreen: Been taking a lot of guff on the forum for not spoon-feeding answers so I’ve been giving some back. Sorry if you got caught in the crossfire.

Read his post. He’s using W7 which has a larger RAM footprint than XP. He’s using Nexus, doesn’t say how many, but it’s RAM intensive also. Add to that Kontact, again doesn’t say how many or what type of patches but as soon as he did, it started bucking. He doesn’t say what kind of peripherals he runs so out of the 4G of RAM who knows what’s left for the OS, let alone Cubase.

Hope your not considering spoon feeding :laughing:

Nevermore. :wink:

Ok sorry, I read that a bit differently.

Oh my, wouldn’t that be awful!! :astonished:

It gets stuck even if u have just one rail…Today i had it in 2 min with only one rail of komplete’s Massive. It cant be lack of ram becuse otherwise my whole pc gets stuck. No only cubase, not my pc cus that one is running fine! If u take a look at th e picture u see in the bottem of taskmanager (taakbeheer) that my prosessor runs for only 6% and my fysic memorie on 55% so i have much left to run on.

But there is a problem witch maby thats the cause of it. On the komplete 8 spec says: u have to have the latest service pack for windonws7.

i looked. and i found that my pc is not instaling the newest pack in windows updates. I tryed again and it keeps saying Failure. So i douwnloaded the latest version true and instaled it. it still says Failure. Tryed to shutdown virus scanners, but still it says failure.