Cubase GUI becomes blank white

It happends in random situations and I cant track the sequence but it starts to happen after i upgraded cubase pro from v10 to v13. After I move the mouse over blank area all objects becomes visible again. Restarting the window solves the problem too but not when the main screen is blank, in that case I can only restart the cubase.
PC: WIN 11
AMD Ryzen 9 5900X
AMD Radeon RX 6600

Here is some screenshots below:

Hi @vitek246 and sorry about the glitches you are encountering this link might help you


I’m having the same thing happening to me, except it’s not Cubase or even on my DAW. It occurs for me when using MS-Office on a Windows 10 PC

Hi @vitek246, did you fix your issue with the Steinberg Support’s link from Armand. Have same problem here.
thank you

Hi, it seems like it is working, but im not 100% sure. I have worked only few hours since i tryed that solution

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To double down on it I did the Radeon Control Panel trick, but I actually did this as well:

Settings → System → Display → Graphics
Under “Custom options for apps” click “Browse”

And add "Cubase 13.exe.

Then in the list, choose “High Performance”.

This made it run smooth as butter all around with zero graphical glitches.