Cubase GUI sluggish with MIDI

I’ve notice that when I start working with midi the GUI becomes very sluggish & stuttery.
Working with just audio is fine, as soon as any notes midi notes are played.

This is a problem that actually began with the last MacOS update that broke cubase’s offline export.
The glitchy graphics however have persisted into version 10.

Even a simple midi arrangement with cpu friendly instruments causes the issue.

I made a video demonstrating the issue. Note the more or less smooth playback until the playback head reaches the midi sequence.
When in this condition, cubase itself becomes sluggish and unresponsive, not just the graphics.

Ouch, thats looking ugly … :smiling_imp:

  • Which 2 VSTi’s did you use ?
  • Audiobuffer setting ?
  • ASIO Guard settings ?

I just installed C10 on my macbook retina mid2015, OSX Mojave 10.14.1.
Haven’t done any testing yet but i can try to reproduce your issue.

Warm Regards.

VST - Kontakt 5 for both channels.
Buffer 128 samples
ASIO Guard on/normal

Seems now it’s not happening every time, it’s a bit unpredictable, but always involves playing back some midi.