Cubase/HALion surpress other sounds under windows

i recently got Cubase and so far im really happy with it. However, whenever Cubase or HALion Sonic is open, the rest of my windows system has no sound. When i try to watch a youtube video it even says: “Audio renderer error. Please restart your computer”. So far i used the generic low latency ASIO driver that was installed with cubase. This problem vanishes when all instances of Cubase and HALion are closed…
Is anyone familiar with this problem and can maybe provide a solution?

Kind regards

Is there a reason why you use the “generic low latency ASIO driver”? It is usually recommended to use a proper ASIO driver for cubase. If you use that for Cubase, other Windows applications should have no problems just using regular Windows Audio. If yes, it is most likely a problem of the audio interface or the driver.
What is your audio interface? What are your settings for windows audio?

Hey, thanks for you answer!
Unfortnatly i dont have an asio device and to be honest… i didnt understand the asio4all driver…
In the screenshot i shared below there are several HD audio outputs but i dont understand how they are connected to the asio4all interface on the right…

In case asio4all is not working neither i will need an external audio interface right?

If I understand the screenshot correctly, ASIO4all is only activated for the Realtek soundcard, which I guess is the onboard soundchip of your computer? In the Halion settings you see the ins and outs of that interface. Two inputs and 8 outputs, which seems a lot for an internal sound card, but I guess that’s because of some surround output.
It should work, imho, but I cannot really help you with that as I have no real knowledge of ASIO4all and internal sound cards.
In the long run, you might want to think about getting a “proper” audio interface, doesn’t have to be too expensive….

Thanks a lot for your answer!
Indeed i wanted to use my onboard Reaktek soundchip but i will consider getting an audio interface now!

You could also check windows sound settings and uncheck the option - allow applications to take exclusive control of the device.

Not sure if it will solve your issue but worth a try.

thanks for the suggestion. However, if i uncheck the feature, the “generic low latency ASIO driver does not recognize my windows soundcard anymore. It seems to be build in a way that it needs the control and thus surpresses everything else

Do you have the sample rate set to the same value in both windows and Cubase?

i think i did so.
However, some research of mine indicates that the only way that asio4all and other low latency asio drivers can accieve their low latency is by taking complete control of the device and thus surpress other windows inputs. This means that this behaviour is intended.
E.g. google: can’t hear sound from any other program when using asio4all

Thanks everyone for your help anyway!