Cubase Hamonizer

Is the harmonizer only a gimmic?

Anyone tried it?

Doesnt sound great does it…

Hi there,
unfortunately the Video and Test shows a big mistake:

The Antares EVO mixes the original vox together with the harmonies, which is quite normal.

But the Cubase harmonies are only played back without mixing the original vox together with the harmonies.

Hm…someone does not know how to use it…

So this test is not represantative for me.

True, but taking that into account, and forgetting Evo for a minute, the Cubase Harmonies for me had too many odd artifacts. The overall sound was brash.

I would like to hear other tests though.

I dont use this but its on my future agenda to investigate.

Surely though, you would not take the sound straight out of the app, you would mix?

Good Point Marcus!

:blush: Melodyne is the winner :unamused:

Yeah ist not mixed equally regarding the original but cubase one jumps up and down wierdly all the time…im not sure what was the purpos of this video anyway? Harmoniser is new feature? Sounds like a vocoder, very synthy even the antares.

I’ve played with it for an hour or so, it worked for me… I will post an example at some point when I finish my little “test tune”.