Cubase hanging again

Hi all,

I have the dongle plugged into a powered USB hub. I exported a project as a stereo audio file and then plugged in a USB drive into the same hub so I could download the audio file for playback on another device. I did it three times and in each case, Cubase hung. I had to use the Task Manager to close Cubase but after that Cubase wouldn’t load from the desktop icon. I opened the Task Manager and it found three instances of Cubase open but with no draws on the CPU. I had to restart the computer, and then my dongle crapped out. I had to re-enter my license number for Cubase. The kicker is, this never happened prior to the 10.5.2 update. What the hell is Steinberg doing?? I upgraded from Artist 8 to 10.5.2 and have had nothing but nightmares since.

I downloaded the Simon Philips drum kit plugin, trial version. I didn’t buy it and the trial period ran out. I used the Control Panel to uninstall the plugin and then did a thorough search of all drives for the Simon Philips plugin. It’s nowhere on my machine and yet, Cubase tells me it’s still there but can’t find it. I know this last part is off topic but it just goes to show you that Cubase is FAR from smooth. The icing on the cake is, I have a recording session tomorrow and this damn program is not ready!!

I removed the dongle and put it into the one remaining USB port in my tower. I’ll see if that solves my problems.

I may have found out why the Simon Philips plugin was still trying to load with my project and ultimately crashing Cubase. Even though the plugin was completely removed, the name still loaded in Groove Agent. After the name is sensed by Groove Agent, it goes looking for the plugin but can’t find it. It then displays a popup window about which I have no idea of its meaning but it has something to do with Groove Agent trying to find the plugin.

I would have thought that if a plugin is uninstalled, then Groove Agent should load the Kit 1 default. I guess they can’t think of everything. Meanwhile, users sit there wondering what’s going on.

I have come to believe that there are some plugs… or combinations of plugs… that just make Cubase hang. I say this because =whenever= I have had problems like this they have always -seemed- ‘CPR-specific’. But when I go to another CPR, Cubase -never- hangs. And the only conclusion I can ever come to is that one CPR uses ‘x’ subset of plugs and another CPR uses ‘y’ subset.

But because one uses so -many- plugs in any given CPR, it can be maddening to determine -which- is/are causing the issue. So I tend to throw up my hands with all of it.

In short: I wish to CHRIST that Cubase had a definitive plug-fault-catcher. So when it hangs it TELLS you WHY!

In my experience, Cubase is still extremely picky with USB ports and devices. Pluging or connecting something USB related while Cubase is running can lead to a hang on exit afterwards. It happens almost everyday with my CC121: when I close a project and its fader doesn’t return automatically to its initial position, I know that I will have to use the Task Manager to shutdown Cubase.

Could it be that that song also uses some different external device? I had once a project that always hung on exit. After troubleshooting it, I discovered that the problem was a cheap 1x1 USB MIDI that I was using to trigger a particular rack effects unit. I removed it completely from the computer and the issue was solved. These days I’m testing a Nektar USB keyboard and Cubase has already hung on exit a couple of times, while it had been almost hang-free for weeks… :unamused:

Thanks all.

This has become a real problem since 10.5.2. Prior to the update, it would only happen on occasion. Is there a way to roll back to the previous version? There is nothing in 10.5.2 that I need.

At this point, I seriously doubt that Cubase is the “goto” DAW for movie and big band producers. I’m sure Hans Zimmer would not be willing to lose his creative train of thought while Cubase sits there on a perpetual coffee break. I’m sure he uses some pretty sophisticated plugins and a lot of them! How the hell does he put up with this crap?? All I use is Steinberg plugins: HALion 6, Groove Agent SE 5, and UJAM bass guitar. It’s not like my rack is full of third-party freebies with questionable code.

I have now plugged my dongle into a USB port. Nothing runs through a hub.

As for a MIDI controller, I use my Yamaha Genos. I would assume any Yamaha MIDI controller would work just fine. The Genos is a high-end keyboard on a level with the Montage in terms of voices and architecture. So that excuse is off the table. I appreciate the thought though :blush:.

My personal opinion is a reflection of what Scotty said on Star Trek III as he handed the warp drive controller chips to Admiral Kirk, “The more they overthink the plumbing, the easier it is to stop up the drain.” Steinberg has gone the same route that Microsoft did with its Word program. When there was more demand for features due to stiff competition, Microsoft just kept piling on the code. Now, they have a somewhat functional program loaded with design flaws and bugs. It’s time for a total re-write.

Steinberg may be in the same boat. They can add feature after feature just to keep up with their competitors but you can only stack bull**** so high before the pile falls over. We all know that there is nothing that kills creativity when recording music tracks than having a DAW that pukes at every point of progress. I may have to consider other options. Steinberg has lost its tone as far as I’m concerned. It was a waste of money upgrading from Artist 8 to 10.5. I never had these issues with Artist 8 and I know it’s not due to a substandard computer. Cubase is the only program I use that pukes at every turn!!

Also, take a look at this topic, as ReWire has been a known source of issues for a long time, preventing Cubase from fully closing. It’s worth a try:

Thanks, Jorge. From what I read I can safely move the ReWire.dll file out of reach of Cubase? Perhaps move it to another folder that I create?

Yes, or you can simply rename it, so Cubase won’t be able to find and load the extension on start. If you are not using Ableton Live or Waves Tune, you won’t probably miss ReWire anyway.

I moved it another folder that I created. So far, things are fine.

I was also having trouble with the Simon Philips trial drums for Groove Agent. After uninstalling it and completely purging any signs of it from my computer, I kept getting an error message that Groove Agent couldn’t find it! It’s stopped doing that now. I discussed that in another post. If things remain stable with that, I’ll update that post.

Thanks for the help, Jorge!

Regarding your Simon Phillips issue, my guess is that it could be that some VST 3 presets still remain after uninstalling the library, so when Groove Agents tries to open them it can’t find the samples, and that’s why it throws the error message. Have you checked with the Steinberg Library Manager app?

Yes. I checked the Steinberg Library Manager. It’s not there. The Simon Phillips plugin is nowhere to be found anywhere on my computer - all drives have been scanned. I even scanned the registry. Nothing.

Steinberg needs to fix this.