Cubase hangs when listing presets


So lately I got a familiar problem.

All plugins that use the “Steinberg’s” way of loading presets make my Cubase hang for about 20-30 seconds just to display the presets in my plugin or instrument. Meter displays in the mixer freeze and I can’t do anything unless I click somewhere else on the screen (the music is playing back just fine tough). That results in everything goes back to work, but then I can’t see the presets I wanted to access to begin with.

I had this problem before and managed to fix it through deleting old registry strings for software I didn’t have installed anymore.

but now I can’t fix it so anyone has any ideas on how to get rid of it? it is just a very very annoying thing.

so Retrologue is a problem, plugin alliance is a problem. somehow UAD plugins are NOT a problem. of course other plugins like Soundtoys, u-he, and Cableguys is no problems as they seem to have their own preset systems


What type of presets are these? Is it an Instrument track preset? If yes, then you have to wait until the instrument has been loaded in the background.

In Retrologue if I press to see the preset list it hangs. If I press to see the preset list in the Compressor plugin it is not the loading of presets I pick that is the problem, it is to get the list of the different preset names that hang up Cubase.

so basically all stock plugins have this issue as well as other plugins that have that use the same system to obtain the preset lists.

just add a compressor plugin on my insert chain and I get the problem. It is a problem I have been having with Cubase on and off for years.


Then I would guess this is a system issue. Maybe some system optimisation would help.

yeah like I said - last time I fixed this problem it was when I deleted some registry strings from old plugins - so it is definitely Cubase calling on something and getting stuck for a while.

so the question would be is it in the registry Cubase is looking, is it in the preferences or some other database Cubase searches for these presets?

anybody knows !?!?

I have the same problem, I’ve done a full clean install on my Mac and also ran Cubase 10 AND Nuendo 10 and it happens on both programs.

I’ve tried absolutely everything from removing all third party plugins, clean install, removing other search software, initialising all preferences, all to no avail.

Still waiting on support to get back to me, its killing me.

Hi and welcome,

Is the MediaBay database created already?