Cubase Hardware Rack - 3 toggle system does not work.

I just updated to Cubase 9.5 - just doing a quick VO tonight - and an odd problem came up with my routing in my Hardware Strip. FYI - I am using a UR824 with this system. Pretty straightforward.

Typically, I use the “3-way” routing button to record my vocal dry but monitor with a bit of Comp and Rev. But the 3-way toggle switch no longer toggles to 3 settings for routing (Toggle Up - Toggle Mid - Toggle Down) - in fact, the toggle switch no longer moves. It only gives me the two options that you can see in the enclosed pictures. :question: :unamused:

Any ideas on this?? Im kind of confused - i updated the firmware and Tools, still has the same problem. Direct Monitor is on.

Any help would be great - thank you!!!

Place your mouse on the switch and scrol up and down. Does it work?

I have the same issue with UR44, the thing is that with 9.5 it worked fine but on update 9.5.10 this happened (also did reinstall of UR drivers and tools with up to date firmware with no help)… I backed up on 9.5 version and now it works fine… my guess is that something in 9.5.10 is problem :exclamation:
It would be nice to have this fixed…

Having similar issues with my UR28M. Here, the hardware rack does not show at all. First it dissapeared. I mean there was not even a hardware panel option to be checked on the rack panel. I uninstalled the UR28M software and driver and reinstalled. Now hardware panel appears and I can check it, but the actual panel window on the mixer stays shrinked. When I click to open, it wil just scroll down a little bit, but not show any of the hardware controls. Little dissapointing to have such issues with hardware and software from the same brand that should work together seamesly…