Cubase has stopped working? Win 10 *Problem found AND solved!

Ive been working on a project for a while and today when I started Cubase this message came up, right after when all the files have been loaded. Cubase has stopped working.

No other error code or nothing? Strange is that I can start a new project and open other files but no recent save files in this project wont open? Its a fairly big project and I got several savefiles with different takes and dates. One of the oldest open up fine but no one of the newer ones.

Im running Win 10 64bit, 16GB ram and everything with the latest drivers. All my plugin is legit. Im using Waves and Slate. Im also got Ableton and Novation keyboard software installed. Im using Audient ID14 and everything has worked fine until today. So any ideas?


As soon as I uninstalled my Waves Plugins everything is rock solid and works perfect. I opened up a support ticket at Waves.

A little update. I solved it myself with these steps.

First I uninstalled all Waves plugins. Then I uninstalled Waves central. After that I deleted everything that was left of the installation in all maps. I did a total search after everything that was named “Waves” and deleted everything of it in all maps under “user” and under “windows” and so on.

After that I did a restart of Windows and then I checked Cubase and it started normally again. After that I reinstalled Waves central and reinstalled all of the plugins, one at the time. Ant then tested to open Cubase after every new plugin that I installed.

Now everything is installed and it works. No crashes and rock solid. I had Cubase up and running for 3 hours, editing and mixing with all of my plugins.