Cubase has stopped working.....

I just had to do a fresh install of my operating system and all software, and for some reason, cubase is buggier and more crash prone than ever.

It’s a pretty complex system overall, but I have no idea why it was for the most part working, but now, after a fresh OS install, I am actually wondering if I’m going to be able to finish some projects because Cubase is so bloody unstable.

I so hate Steinberg at this point.


Windows… Every single installation of the system is different. :frowning:

Make sure, Cubase is up-to-date and all plug-ins are up-to-date, please.

All the software is up to date. I suppose I could trash the preferences, but I believe Cubase and the Lynx driver are not working together correctly. Sometimes using the “restore defaults” option in the Lynx mixer works, other times I have to reboot.

My Cubase has started to crash on all my latest projects! I have version Pro 8.0.35 Build 656 (64 bit) Built on Nov. 24, 2015. The rest of my system’s specification are in my signature. No new software has been recently installed and Cubase is the sole reason for this machine’s existence.

When I attempt to load a project file, the project begins to load but then fails. I get a message that the program has stopped working. (see Screen Shot).

I can find no solution to this problem and it is preventing me from loading and working on my most current projects. This is a disaster. :open_mouth: :confused: :cry:
Cubase Stopped Working.png

This seems to be any plug-in compatibility issue. I hope, it’s not issue with HSSE. Do you remember, did you use any plug-in on this channel, which is loading?

Martin, thanks, but I don’t think there were any plug-ins in use on any of the HSSE channels. There were some blank slots which were assigned to an Output and one or two of the programs in use may have had flexphraser in use.

If I load an Empty project and then open the problem project, it will load, but when I try to “activate” it, Cubase stops working. This was the last kind of problem I expected to encounter in Cubase. :frowning:

Additional info: To the best of memory, this is what has lead to this problem.

  1. Create Empty project with HSSE loaded as rack instrument.
  2. Activate All 16 Outputs.
  3. Create Midi 15 additional Midi Channels (16 MIDI channels total, one channel per slot)
  4. Assign some patches to Slots, but not all. Some of the patches include flexphrased patches.
  5. Route each MIDI Track to Corresponding Audio Out, Midi Track 1 to Output 1…
  6. Route the instrument’s Preset Slots to its corresponding Audio Outputs in the Mix section of HSEE – Slot 1 to Output Main (1), Slot 2 to Output 2…

Note, that no Aux Sends are in use and no plug-ins have been placed on any of the Audio Outputs and the channel strips are all untouched.

Save the above as a Template.

Load Template

Use tracks and Create some measures of music using a reasonable amount of polyphony, but nothing too taxing. Save the Project. Open the project later and Cubase stops working. Hours of work lost. :frowning:

(system specs above and in signature)


Could you share the project/template, please? I would try to open it on my system, and have a look, if it works here, and what’s in the project.

Martin, it was very kind of you to offer to take a detailed look at the project.

I’m pleased to tell you that I think the problem is resolved. I tried a host of the typical fixes and found that there was likely a problem with a recent Windows 7 update and not something Cubase related.

Ultimately, what corrected the error was the utility program. I’m pleased to say that all the projects that were crashing the system are now opening and playing back correctly… Thank Goodness!

Thank you for your willingness to help me, Martin. :slight_smile:


Thank you for the info! I’m glad it’s out of Cubase. :wink: