Cubase having issues with New PC


I’ve just bought a new studio PC and Cubase 9, updated to 9.0.30. I have a project, which according to the VST performance meter, and task manager, is running at about 25% load. However the real-time meter is jumping around all over the place, which is causing audio drop outs when I play back the project and when I try and play any of the VST instruments.

I’ve tried re-creating the same project in Reaper as closely as I can, same amount of audio tracks and the same VST instruments playing the same MIDI tracks and task manager is reporting 10% or less while this is running.

The machine is a monster i9-7900X, 32Gb RAM, all OS and samples are on fast SSDs.

I’ve been back and forth with the Scan support who sold me the machine and nothing we’ve tried has worked, we’ve even installed the patch that’s balances the load between cores (although that doesn’t seem to be the issue, watching in task manager shows the load evenly spread).

Surely a professional product such as this should be more efficient/better than a $60 equivalent?

No overly impressed if I’m honest, anyone here could maybe shed some light on what I’ve set up wrong/Cubase is doing?

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More buffer .

Thanks MRK_LAB,

No other software on the system has any issue. I’m running at 128 samples which is my limit for playing real time instruments, any more and I can feel it. Reading other people’s experiences with Cubase, they’re running down to 64 samples without any issues whatsoever. I’ve got an RME Fireface 800, the drivers for which I know are rock solid and every other piece of audio software on my computer runs absolutely fine…

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Lower latency value are goog for playing , but when the project grow (more vsti and fx) it’s normal to increase the value for system stability.
Also, if the musical parts are defined and you are in mixing phase it’s a useless demand of system resources to mantein the setup for real-time playing.
I’m a rme user too (digiface + adi8/ audient asp800) , and i’m use to work from 128 to 1024 .