Cubase HDPI poor quality of Waveform

Hey guys, I am quite aware of all the 4k hdpi issues of Cubase (i personally think it’s a massive shame of Steinberg). Just wanted to figure if there is workaround on the really blurry waveforms if Windows Scaling of 175% or 150% applied?
I can live with some plugins not hdpi-adapted, but when all of the waves are blurry it is really terrible (do i have to downgrade my monitor to 2k?)

Most of the Cuabse elements are sharp and crisp, while the waveform is blurry and poor quality.

Btw, I cant attach neither screenshot nor link to the post… why is that?

You are a new user, it takes some posts to enable uploading files.

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Thanks for letting me know!

Which is a weird logic :wink:

Yes! I also just posted the new topic about this. Seems that Steinberg don’t optimized 100% Cubase for HDPI =((