Cubase Headphone Routing + Presonus Studio 192

I’m a little stuck in setting up my Studio 192.

I have a small studio at my house and typically only record one instrument at a time. This is the setup I’m trying to achieve:

  • Main outs = Main monitors
  • Headphone 1 = Personal headphone mix
  • Headphone 2 = Singer headphone mix
  • Inputs 1-8 = Mics, bass, sampler and synths
  • Outputs 1-8 = Reamping, sampler, and miscellaneous

I’ve got all my inputs and outputs routed in VST Connections. Seems to be working fine. I’m using the Control Room and set up Main outs and headphones. Main outs are good. But I noticed both my headphone outputs are red. I can select them but nothing happens.

I’ve been having a bit of a hard time wrapping my head around Presonus UC. Seems UC is mostly for setting up mixes but I don’t want my outputs for mixes, I want them to route instruments in and out of my DAW. So I set all mixes to mute (except Main) because if I have something plugged into both in and out of 1 for example, it will feedback.

The other thing is I don’t see any faders on Presonus UC for headphone mixes, only for 8 total mixes which are outputs 1-8 + ADAT.

So basically, any of you know why I am getting both headphone outputs red in Cubase?

Maybe some of the routing is being controlled in the PreSonus UC Mixer. So since you are not using Studio One 3 with your 192 (and the home usage you described), I suggest that you bypass the PreSonus Mixer completely and control everything from the Cubase control room. That’s what I did with my 192 Mobile. I can’t remember exactly where that “Bypass Mixer” button is in the PreSonus UC Mixer so check the manual if you can’t find it. And don’t forget to activate the Cue button on the 192 to hear the output from Cubase.

Please report back if still having issues or if this solves your issue. Thanks.

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Read the 192 manual page 26 near the bottom and find the Bypass mixer button use and location on page 30.

Also… looks like the 192 does not have a “Cue” button like the 192 Mobile does… so I am not exactly sure how that portion will work. Looks like some more op manual reading is required as the 192 has quite a few more options/controls compared to the 192 Mobile. To be honest that’s why I went for the 192 Mobile versus the more optioned (and expensive 192). For my purposes (which seem similar to what you described as yours) the 192 Mobile has enough inputs/outputs for my needs and I had an existing PreSonus HP4 to send output to (4) more headphones.

To be even more honest… If my existing old but working PreSonus Firebox was usable with Windows 10 I never would have even purchased the 192 Mobile.

Good luck, and again, please report back. Thanks :wink:

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Ahh, ok I see what you mean.

So if UC mixer is bypassed I can route my cues to both headphones individually. But when it is active, Phones 1-2 are unusable in VST Connections (see screenshot) and headphones are forced to mirror Main mix or any of the other 4 mixes (1-2, 3-4, 5-6, 7-8).

My issue now is that I need outputs 1-8 for my outboard gear. I want to be able to use DSP FX on Studio 192 and be able to route my cue mixes to both headphones while leaving outputs 1-8 for my outboard gear but so far it seems I have to compromise. I hope Presonus changes this.

From what I gather, that is correct.

Is this screen shot taken with the UC mixer bypassed? That’s what I want to see (screen shot with the UC mixer bypassed).

Ultimately, I do not have the 192 model (I have the 192 Mobile model) so I would be guessing about how to use the 192’s DSP FX and Cubase’s control room at the same time.

I see that you posted this same question on the PreSonus forum. I hope one of the PreSonus experts over there will answer your question. If no one from either of these forums can assist then I would contact customer support at PreSonus for the answers.

If you do get the answers please share and post them on both forums. Thanks :wink:

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The screenshot with the UC mixer enabled. If I bypass UC mixer, all listed outputs become available. Basically the only difference between both modes is the availability of Phones 1 and 2 as output mixes.

Yes, now that I’m finally undesrtanding how it works that is my issue.

Yeah, Presonus forums seem to be a ghost town though. I contacted Presonus support and they’ve been pretty fast. I’m just waiting for one last response and I will post my findings. But so far it seems like it’s impossible to use Phones 1 and 2 as separate mixes AND use 192’s DSP FX.

Agreed :wink:

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Alright, so after some back and forth with PreSonus support here is the conclusion on using Studio 192 with Cubase:

  • Discrete headphone mixes are only available if UC Mixer is bypassed. By discrete headphone mixes I mean headphones NOT mirroring outputs 1-8 or main mix, but their own discrete audio stream.
  • If you want to use UC Mixer (to use DSP FX), headphone mixes are forced to mirror any of the mixes streaming from 1-2, 3-4, 5-6, 7-8 or Main Mix (and ADAT I think).
  • If you want to use DSP FX, you are forced to use UC Mixer, therefore giving up discrete headphone mixes.

In my setup, I’m having to scrifice DSP FX as I prefer having discrete headphone mixes since I need outputs 1-8 available for outboard gear. I think it’s a real shame UC Mixer doesn’t allow discrete mixes for headphones. I hope PreSonus can change this.

Agreed 100%. Hope they will issue some kind of software revision to make this work.

Glad it is sorted and thanks for sharing the conclusion.

Regards. :sunglasses: