Cubase help in New Zealand

Anyone here in New Zealand? I need help installing Cubase 13 and Steinberg does not offer support in NZ.


You have not replied to people who answered your previous questions. Maybe say thank you?

Are you saying you need someone to come to your location to help you install the program?

Sorry I did not say thank you in the past. I am not accustomed to forums.
I just wondered if there was anyone here in New Zealand as Steinberg said “contact your local dealer” if you have problems, but there is no local dealer in this country.

It’s exactly like people, just do the same as you would with those creatures.

Just ask your question,.

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Thanks for your advice. My question is that Cubase 13 is not showing up in my Activation Manager or my elicenser control centre, or my Download Assistant, so I feel I should contact Steinberg but not sure how to do that if they say “contact your local dealer” and there isn’t one in my country.

  • show us a picture of your download assistant.
  • tell us what OS platform you are on.

Have a read of some topics here to get a handle on how this forum is used.

Steinberg have emailed me saying to verify Cubase 12 so I’ll do that and hopefully that will fix the problem.
Thanks everyone who read this.