Cubase Help/Manual Ease of access

Is there an easy way to access the cubase manual from within cubase 11?

Right now, when I click “cubase help” from within cubase 11 it takes me to the website where I need to click to select my version of cubase and then click whether I want the web-only or pdf version. If I remember correctly, in older versions of cubase the functionality to access the manual directly was built into the app itself. Is there a way to regain this?

Yes, I know I can download the manual (and have), but it would be really nice to be able to access the documentation directly from the app.


Hi BoZe

Downloading the PDF is the only ‘easy way’ to do what you want


I don’t know the details but in the old forum someone posted a way to change it so F1 opened the PDF instead of online help.

Hopefully that post survived the move and can be found by searching.

Personally I keep Acrobat pinned to my Taskbar and right-click to access its list of recent files - which always includes the Cubase manual. Recent files can be pinned to the list too.

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Alternatively you could make one or more keyboard shortcuts at Operating System level to open particular page(s) on the Steinberg Cubase Help website.