Cubase: How do I disable snap point in audio region

Something really basic has been frustrating me for hours.

So I have an audio region and there is this snap point created (sometimes automatically). I want to edit with the grid switched on. How do I turn off cubase’s creation of a snap point point in the sample. Can I turn it off in preferences. I never want to use a snap point in the audio region, ever. It’s just annoying. My current workaround is shifting the start point point for each audio region. This is extremely inefficient use / waste of time, especially if you have to do it for lots of regions. Please can someone show me how to disable it (either for each audio file individually, or as an overall preference, as opposed to going into the sample editor for each and manually shifting the start time), as I can’t find the answer in the manual or via a google search.

This is something I have only experienced with Cubase 6, not 5.

Would really appreciate any advice


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First off I’ve always had a few probs with snap points, and you can’t turn them off as such! Perhaps an option which sets the snap to the start of the clip by default would be nice?

Anyway, I have a shortcut key Alt-S which sets the snap for the selected part to the cursor point. When I want the snap to move to the start of the clip then I press L (cursor to start of selected part) then Alt-S. It’s a work around, works for me.

Even more annoying I find is that if your on grid relative and you move a part then if the snap point isn’t on the grid then it will move it to the grid - which isn’t a relative move anymore!! That’s an oversight I’d say…


I too have found working with regions within an audio clip cumbersome.
I use the “Events from Regions” function when I have chopped up a clip.
Now, each region is a separate event with the snap point at the start.
I am not sure if this would be much faster or easier than opening the editor in your case.
The times I have used it, I had 15-20 regions in the clip and making the individual events really helped.

I seem to get them randomly, how are they created? I seem to create them by accident. And then I get upset.

When are event points actually useful?! And how do I minimise creating them as much as is possible?


I (finally) joined the forum specifically to work this out. I’m determined to get to the bottom of how in the hell most of my audio files that I have recorded and edited have these stupid markers / snap points just a second or so into the regions, which makes editing them with the grid x1000 more irritating. Please help me resolve this. Thanks

Snap points are very useful when working with audio on the arrange page, it’s the way Cubase keeps tabs on where events should lock to the grid and in a multi track audio scenario are essential.

Something like a show/hide snap points would be good when in editors and a snap point to origin would also be useful.

The manual is not telling me how they are created. If I knew how they were created then i could avoid creating them by accident / randomly. Anyone know?

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