Cubase Hub screen overhaul

It’s a pretty straight forward request.
I would love to see a folder based structure that would allow you to select your project (perhaps even rename the song/project folder) and then pick the save of your choice from within it.
In an ideal world you would be able sort the saves by date created or date modified etc… but it would also be nice to have a feature to add notes to the save file which could be filled out at the time of saving within cubase. Text based notes like “rendered brass section and deleted instruments” for example…

Can you please change youtr topic title from “splash screen” to “hub”?
A splash screen is something else.

I would love it if we could get a audio preview without opening the project. Maybe when you close the project it gives you a option to select an area for 30 second preview.

Definitely need an update to help organise projects. Probably like most people I organise in a file system on my desktop the hub is no use really.

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We have real requests, sometimes.

Maybe you don’t know how to use it?

I was agreeing with the original poster about project folders etc. If I wanted to find a project from 6 months ago I would not be scrolling through the recent projects list. But, I don’t use it, so there might be something I’m missing there . :man_shrugging:t2: