CUbase iC and SKI remote with Cubase 5


Can anyone help please…

I have downlaoded the Cubase iC app on my iPod touch. I have installed the Steinberg SKI remote program on my PC (WIndows XP / Cubase 5.5).

I blelive I should then be able to “add” the SKI remote through the Cubase “Device Setup” window but when I press thw “+” icon to add the SKI remote is not listed. I have checkled my PC and the SKI remote is cortrectly installed and listed in my program files.

Any advice would be very much appreciated.


Seems like some file needs to be put in a Cubase directory. I’ll bet the Knowledge Base or maybe the special forum at the old site would shed some light.

Do you have Apple Bonjour service installed on your PC. The latest version of iTunes will install it for you. If you prefer not to have iTunes you can just download the bnojour print service and this will solve your problem.

Here is the link

I have a question in return. I have just started using iC with C5 and I was wondering if there was any way to choose an arranger chain from the iphone.
Yes I can happily name all my arrangement sections and then skip to them. For a live performance I was hoping to use the arranger chains as individual songs.
Each chain is a song and then of course contains sections (verse1) (chorus) (verse2) (chorus2) (intro) (outro) (bridge)
My hope was to have a page on the IC application for each arranger chain. The only way I can do this is to make null (dummy )sections to fill up the block space on the iphone page.

Does anyone know of a better way?

Many thanks for reading :slight_smile:

Just realised that the second part of my reply post was illogical.

The arrangement idea would need some kind of master group called song which would then contain arrangement section(s).

Pity though as it would be a very formidable feature to include as patch.
Live performance by having an entire song selection in a project file along with tempo track changes all remotely operated via ipad or iphone providing that versatility of repeating a verse, extending a bridge or a chorus as the mood dictates.

Hi there.
I can’t get the remote to work. Using C5.5.3, iPhone 4 with IC up to date, and bonjour / iTunes in current version. SKI Remote is set up in cubase as remote device but the app won’t find any hosts. PC is connected to a Netgear WGR614v7 Router and the iPhone is connected via Wlan. Dynamic IPs used - not static.

Could there be some port-forwarding issue or something like that? Or do I have to set up static IPs (no clue how to do that for the iPhone)? I can’t find a solution. Trying for days now…
Any hints or ideas?