Cubase iC for Iphone... AND Android..??

First of all, since this works for Nuendo as well, why not call it Steinberg iC ?

But the main question is, since iPhone is losing more and more market share to other OS, how about an Android version? It would be fair to the PC users who do not want to own Mac iJail products …


yes! fight the iCult :smiling_imp:

And for Windows Phone 7 (now that I got one :smiley:).


We are thinking about releasing new apps for iOS and maybe for Android later. But the focus currently is on iOS…

Hmm, I have also a Windows 7 phone…



That makes two then. :mrgreen:

And for the 64bit User


Yes- please come out with Android version!!! Thanks!!

Yes, Android please.


Ah yes. One world, one forum.

+1 for the android OS

+1 for android=less expensive=more users

I may sound ignorant but tell me…why would you want cubase on a phone?

Cubase on tablet please, Open source

How about sad old Symbian - it could need some love too :slight_smile:

iOS is much bigger than Android, and Cubase iC wouldn’t even work on all Android phones on the marked. iOS is easier to support because Android is so fragmented.

Give us the features MOTU has for the DP7 app :slight_smile: and fix the bugs in Cubase :imp:

Hi Pete

Android 2.3 will run on a 1Ghz phone AFAIK it would depend on GPU I guess and memory.

They will get better these devices and become like fully-fledged desktops, just with faster peripheral connections and since Steinberg have the dongle why be limited to windows & mac?

Windows Phone 7 here - just got one and loving it. Tried the HTC Desire HD beforehand and also have a 3rd gen ipod touch so i’ve checked all of the popular OS’s out… windows phone 7 is best for me right now.

Give me the CC 121 as an iPad app!

Not Cubase, just the iC remote control app. An Android version makes sense because there are already Android tablets out there for as little as $150 that would make great control surfaces.