Cubase iC Pro 1.0.2 available now!

Hi all,

We uploaded Cubase iC Pro 1.0.2 to Apple some days ago. The update should be available as soon as they approve it which could be anytime now.

Please note that you will be required to download and install the ski version number on your host computer:

What’s new in v.1.0.2:
CICP-728 Macros now appear correctly in the macro subfolder of the Key Commands selector.
CICP-742 Adds a notification that appears once a newer remote control extension for Cubase is available for download.
CICP-714 Key Command user presets that have been altered can now be overwritten correctly.
CICP-741 Fixes an issue where Cubase renders unreliable when being quitted during a session with Cubase iC Pro.
CICP-595 Fixes a graphical issue that appeared in some cases when a new key commands page has been added.
CICP-676 Fixes an issue where the current Key Commands page automatically updates to the position of its settings page after the project or mixer settings page has been closed.

We are working on new features for future updates! :slight_smile:

Hi, This may not be the best place for a feature request but I must admit I was very disappointed to find the app is not routable. That is: I cannot indicate the IP of a cubase machine on another network or sbunet.
It would seem a basic function with any network app to have the possibility of specifying the IP address of a target system to connect to .
Make sense to anyone ?

YES please.

Thats exactly what I was going to ask in this forum : please add a little
option so you can add the ip address of the computer you want to connect to.
Sometimes bonjour just doesnt work in some networks configuration ( for instance, VPN )
If we can add the ip manually, that should be fine.