Cubase iC Pro 1.0.3 available now

Hi all,

What’s new in v.1.0.3:

CICP-759 Support for Punch In/Out (added to Transport Page Settings)
CICP-682 Activating the recoding function no longer positions the song position cursor at the left locator.
CICP-422 Fixes several graphic issues on the mixer page.
CICP-244 Corrects a graphical issue in the time display on the project page.
CICP-689 Solves a graphical problem when using the zoom function on the project page.

would be cool to have shorcut exchange from ipad to another ipad

Hi HomeStudio87,
Thanks for your feedback, we have that one on our feature request list. :slight_smile:

What about a fix for network issues?

Thank you. :smiley:

Well, I don,nt really understand why you did not consider fixing networking issues a priority.
On any network using multiple subnets, and there are many os uf configured that way, the app is useless !

Very disapointing. Can we expect a solution soon or should we simply give up on the idea of using the app ?
As a reminder, we would simply need an interface allowing to specify the ip address of a target system.

Knowing your intentions regarding this woul help avoid building hopeless expectations !


+1 !

FWIW: I was unable to connect at all with either iC or iC Pro and had complained bitterly here for several months with ZERO reply. I’ve also had another issue with not being able to connect to Steinberg Hub. I think SB blew me off as having some sort of ‘general’ networking issue… which is not true.

I had frankly totally forgotten about it… just chalked it up to another example of crap Steinberg support.

And then a few weeks ago, my iPhone informed me of a slew of ‘app’ updates… I didn’t even notice that iC was among them. But it updated and WTF… I gave it a try and…

Wow. It actually works. Works quite well for my needs. In fact, ‘regular’ iC works fine. One of the crap suggestions I was given was to waste $20 and get iCPro… which was totally wrong. Didn’t need it at all.


  1. Glad you fixed whatever you fixed.

  2. I still want my $20 back. You guys offered were offering refunds and I want it… I didn’t need iCPro and it’s the least you can do in lieu of the crap support.

  3. It wouldn’t kill you guys to TELL people when you make improvements like this. I see no word in the 1.03 blurb which speaks to the problems I was having, but clearly you guys did -something… Steinberg Hub still doesn’t work… and I didn’t touch my network so it -must- be you coding. This is -very- typical of S.B. You guys have over a decade (in my experience) of undocumented changes. It always makes us ‘veterans’ look like idiots asking about ‘undocumented changes’ but that’s only because noobs don’t realise how much gets tweaked with nary a peep.

If anyone else has had issues with being unable to connect? Try 1.03. Worked for me.


PS: Who do I contact to get my refund? I’m serious.


If you want to get a refund you have to contact the App Store directly.
Carlos has mentioned that this is the only way to do that and that’s the same for any official publisher on the App Store. Steinberg cannot do this automatically.

For every release you will find a release note that will cover all the important bugs we’ve fixed.
Carlos usually create a thread on the related forum. For instance, the latest release of Cubase iC you’re mentioning improves the reliability of the connection. You can find all the other fixes here:
Could I ask whether you’d think of a better place to report this information in the future?

I’m afraid I do not understand which report you’ve made that wouldn’t have been given any reply.
I remember we tried to support a connection problem here:
At one point of the discussion it seems more and more apparent that there’s is something preventing Cubase to access the outside world on your computer. Did you try the last advise provided by one of our users?
Anyway, if you want to try again with Cubase iC Pro I suggest you to wait until the version 1.0.4 is released. Carlos has already reported that we’ve implemented a manual connection helper now and that will hopefully fix the last issues we know with Bonjour:

I hope that this covers all your questions.


I just installed 1.04 and… it stopped working (again).

I have e-mailed slowak.

Where in the AppStore (specifically) do I go to ask for a refund?